Iron scrap of severall types and dimensions:

• Steel scrap 1010 to 1020;

• Stainless steel scrap;

• Manganese scrap;

• Nihard scrap;

• Titanium scrap;

• Nickel scrap;

• Nickel cube scrap;

• Tungsten scrap;

• Copper scrap;

• Scrap bronze;

• Chromium scraps 16% to 26%;

• Scrap cast iron;

• Aluminum scrap.

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Ferrous silicon concentrate: Exclusive Fusão Ligas product

Seeking to meet the demands of the steel market, Fusão Ligas has developed the iron silicon concentrate. It is a metallic alloy, elaborated for use in foundries and any company of the steel sector. It is used in the manufacture of cast iron in various segments of Cubilot foundries, pig iron and also in LD mills. This product aims to reduce the material cost to be used.

The advantages of this product, concerning economic and environmental benefits, are significant. In addition to be a low cost product, it maintains the same characteristics of 75% iron silicon. Its use implies saving energy, coal, ore and other non-renewable natural resources.

The preparation process involves counting the iron silicon, milling and concentration of the cells for analysis determining their composition. The quality of the product is determined for its various applications in metallurgical chain. In short, a material of quality and low that will bring economic and environmental benefits to your company.

FeSi slag

• FeSi slag 33%;
• 45% FeSi concentrate;
• SiC briquettes.

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Carbonated Materials

Premium carbon, standard carbon, FL fuel, charcoal and charcoal grinder. FL carbon is already used as fuel in large foundries throughout Brazil. We offer this product in the size necessary to fit you production process.

Fusão Ligas also offers fuel for setting the carbon content in cast iron. Imported graphitized, semigrafitized carbon and carbon briquettes are also products available in our portfolio.

Fusão Ligas always seeks to innovate and to thrive in a conscious, effective and pragmatic way. As proof of this, it has a research and technological development program that through the technical support of research centers, universities and independent consultants, makes carbonaceous products available in the market where they are used in the most diverse applications.

There are lines of research and development for the continuous improvement of our products, such as fuel, Cubilot, fine injection and carbon briquettes.

It also provides charcoal produced from certified forests.

Fusão Ligas is available to provide all technical information and send samples.

Alumina AF-85, alumina A-80 and cryolite.

Alumina is used in the production of primary aluminum, synthetic slag, refractory, steel and abrasive products and in cement industry.

Fusão Ligas offers high-grade alumina, ensuring a favorable cost-benefit ratio for our customers. We have in our portfolio fluorinated aluminas containing 80 to 85% of Al2O3.

We also offer high purity cryolite, recovered from electrolytic bath, used as a flux in various production processes.

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Iron Alloys

• 75% silicon iron (FeSi 75%);

• Iron silicon metal;

• Silicon carbide (SiC);

• FeSi slag 45%;

• Silicon metal slag;

• Iron manganese silicon;

• Iron silicon chromium (FeSi Cr);

• High carbon chromium iron (FeCr AC);

• Low carbon chromium iron (FeCr BC);

• Iron manganese Low/Medium/High carbon, FeSiMn 16/20;

• Iron molybdenum;

• Iron titanium;

• Iron tungsten;

• Iron vanadium;

• Iron nickel;

• Pig iron.

Fusão Ligas is available to provide all technical information and send samples.
Iron ore

Fusão Ligas sells and exports high quality raw material for various industries, such as, steel companies, foundries and mining companies. We have in our portfolio iron ores of various forms and granulometries: Hematite ore - Mesh, sinter feed classified in several granulometries; friable, compact or washed, with low Al, Ti, Cr, Mn, P; special material for ferroalloys; Itabirito ore - Mesh, sinter feed, classified in various granulometries;

Fusão Ligas develops and process its materials according to the needs and specifications of its customers, within the following characteristics and ranges:
• Fe2O3: 80,0% a 98,0%;
• Si2O3 : 0,03% a 10,0%;
• Al2O3 : 0,01% a 3,0%;
• Mn: 0,01% a 2,5%;
• P: 0,01% a 0,30%.

Manganese ore 25% to 45%

Chrome ore

Chromite sand

All this versatility makes Fusão Ligas a highly reliable company that presents the best solutions in minerals for its suppliers and customers.

Fusão Ligas is available to provide all technical information and samples.
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