Fusão Ligas has a diversified structure to supply services such as transportation, processing, crushing/grinding and segregation of various materials and owns licensed areas to receive and forward the industrial waste of companies from all over the country in an appropriate way.

Our management seeks the highest excellence. Currently we are implementing ISO 9001 in all its processes, ensuring higher quality and efficiency in our operation.

The company has structure for leasing of vehicles and industrial implements as listed below:


• Trucks: carts, scales, trucks, roll-on/off trucks.
• Excavators: claws, electromagnets, hydraulic shears, breakers.
• Loaders: medium and large.
• Boxes: roll on container with capacity of 15, 20, 25 and 30 m³.

• Crushers.
• Screens.
• Silos and feeders.
• Mobile and fixed crushing, grinding and sifting plants.


Crushing process is a set of operations to fragment materials. Re-crushing, hammer crushers and others can be used to reduce the materials to a suitable granulometry, meeting the customer’s specifications.

Crushing is considered one of the main services performed by the company, since it is where a good part of the material processing takes place. It can occur in one or more steps, depending on the final size.


In sifting, the separation of the material occurs according to the granulometry, that is, according to different sizes. There are two possibilities for the particles being sifted: the “undersize,” product, which is the one that passes through the equipment and the “oversize,” which the one retained. The main purpose of Sifting is to separate different size materials with greater efficiency and productivity.

Separation of materials mechanically or manually

The manual separation is a process that can be considered relatively simple and easy to do, but requires a certain amount of time to run. It consists of separating manually materials with heterogeneous sizes and forms, eliminating impurities that interfere with the quality of the final product.
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