Fusão Ligas has as one of its main commitments special attention towards the environment. We understand that business excellence depends on the responsible use of natural resources, correct operational management and manufacturing of products that do not harm the environment.

We create a chain of socially responsible actions, which reaches all the stakeholders of our business, bringing to society a better quality of life. We are a company that fulfills its role as a citizen company, recycling, reusing and correctly allocating tons of industrial waste and scrap. Along these 15 years of operation, around 700 thousand tons of waste have already been properly processed and returned as raw material to be used in industries. The meaning of more than half million tons processed is related to the quantity of jobs generated, associated with the income and social welfare.

Besides, we seek to maintain transparency in the execution of our activities and relationship with our stakeholders, working ethically and responsibility.

Fusão Ligas supports socio-environmental initiatives. Several actions are carried out in the Middle Piracicaba region in order to contribute to the preservation of the environment, which means improving quality of life:
• Support to ASCARIPI, Association of Waste Pickers of Rio Piracicaba with a structural project for the implementation of the total selective waste collection in the city, aiming to facilitate the collection of materials and covering 100% of the districts, disseminating in society the benefits of selective waste collection.
• Construction of Casa do Saber, a space created to support students from the municipal school network of Piracicaba, with reinforcement classes in school subjects.
• Social inclusion of children through the maintenance of the Rio Piracicaba Soccer School, with the construction of a soccer field, donation of uniforms, shoes and snacks to all students, which also have classes of civility and citizenship.

Fusão Ligas believes that social and environmental actions contribute significantly to the improvement of life quality in our society where every stakeholder are co-responsible in social development.
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